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Master Software

Principal: Jan Bolhuis

company contact details:
  Master Software
tel: +31 (0)6 28103666
mobile: +31 (0)6 28103666
email: jan@mastersoftware.nl
web: www.mastersoftware.nl


Key Services Offered:
Effective & futureproof IT for your clients covering anything from the basic stuff to the most comprehensive business support solutions.

Ik lever ICT advies (ook diensten & producten) in de meest brede zin van het woord, van eenvoudige netwerken en complexe ontwikkelomgevingen tot bedrijfs- en procesondersteunende systemen.

Core Experience of Principal:
For larger and/or fast crowing companies

  • Remove pain of growth
  • Program & project management and Risk management
  • Set-up departments and processes for IT management, ICT development
  • Architectural and infrastructural advice
  • ISO 20000 and ISO 27000

For smaller companies

  • Advise on pragmatic, minimalistic and sustainable ICT solutions
  • Architectural and infrastructural advise

Advies ten aanzien van onder andere

  • Applicatielandschappen en architectuur
  • Inrichten/opzetten beheerafdelingen
  • Inrichten projecten en programma's
  • Troubleshooting
  • Pragmatische second opinion
  • en meer

Accreditations and Qualifications:
MSc ICT Management, ing. / BSc Software engineering, Strategic management. Accredited Associate, Institute for Independent Business (AInstIB).

Industry Sectors worked in:

  • R&D
  • Internet agencies
  • Ecommerce, Online Services/High volume Online processing
  • Navy/Defense
  • Engineering
  • Shipping
  • Hosting
  • Startups

Dutch, Fries, English, a little German and French

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