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Faber Management BV

Principal/Owner: Gerben Faber



contact details:
  Faber Management BV
Zwaluwstraat 23
Delden (Ov)
tel: +31 653 160 429
fax: +31 743 766 048
mobile: +31 653 160 429
email: fabergjf@wxs.nl


Key Services Offered:
Engineering and sales of Constructions, Machinery and Factory, International delivery onshore, offshore for a large number of International well-known companies and Governmental Departments in the heavy metal and light metal sector of the transport, trans-shipment, storage, chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, dairy, tobacco, foundry, sand and stone, shipping industry, but also for civil and building sector. - Consulting of industrial automation and logistics in Governmental sector and banker organisations; - Project management in the construction, machinery and factory sector as well as for regional, national and international governmental innovation stimulation projects for SME's on behaving of EU cooperation's; - General management of several SME-companies, governmental department of InnovationCenter and start-up of IT-company including (re)financing by subsidiary and regional stimulation funds or informal investor and or other private sources. - Project development and initiator of projecting and realisation of new systems and products for document archiving, knowledge management and expert systems and for the sector of new molecular medicine systems development with new medical and nutrition applications, diagnostics and treatments. - Innovation management after strategic processes for more then 500 SME's with own developed coachingmethode. - Expert in interpretation of EU-rules on behaves of subsidiary-programs, start-up of concerned projects, including financial engineering, set-up of project plans, business plans, financing plans etc.

Core Experience of Principals:
Over 15 years experience in SME-sector with international project experiences in logistics, mechanical handling and storage and with a lot practical internal logistics, production, engineering, sales and general management experiences. About 10 years working in governmental organisations for consultancy and supporting innovations of SME's. After this period for more then 5 years own consulting business and co-owner of an IT-company. Develop and realisation new products, projects and activities in ICT, Health & Food and Medical sector.


Polytechnic University Twente, Master of Science Mechanical Engineering in Logistics and Operation Research, bull 1974 De Baak, VNO-NCW, Strategic for SME's, diploma 1976 University Groningen (RUG), Post-Master of Business Science, bull 1978 Fenedex the Hague, Export management course (1983) TNO-IPD Eindhoven, in company training QA-Management (1986) De Galan Hilversum, Innovation management training (1990) Eurowerk/EuroRelayCenter Enschede: Project management EU-subsidies (1993) University Antwerp: Management of Creativity Techniques (1995). Accredited Associate, Institute for Independent Business.

Industry Sectors worked in:
Industry of construction and mechanical handling equipment and logistics and products for infrastructures, buildings and shipbuilding; Business consulting and system implementation in the ICT-sector; Innovation and change management for the SME-sector as part of Governmental Organisation in cooperation with local, regional and national governmental, semi-governmental and branch organisations; In the international ICT-sector of knowledge management and expert systems, special imaging and other ICT-solutions for the medical sector en products for document management and document archiving systems.

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