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Training and Accreditation from the Institute for Independent Business

All the independent consultancy businesses on this website are run by individuals who have been accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB)

The IIB is a not-for-profit research, training and accreditation organisation established in the UK in 1984. Research had shown that many owners / managers of small to medium sized businesses were concerned that they lacked the skills, experience and time to be effective in somekey aspects of management, as well as the contacts and resources required to maintain and grow their businesses.

The Institute therefore created the Consultancy Business Development Programme (CBDP) to provide experienced business executives with a framework for developing their own business consultancy firms directed specifically at the independent business sector.

The first CBDP took place in 1991, and since then over 5,500 people have completed the IIB Residential Business School to graduate as Accredited Associates.

IIB Accredited Associates network together and support each other in what must be the largest business support network in the world.


Your own Independent Consultancy Business

If you are thinking of establishing your own business advisory operation, or growing an existing consultancy, the IIB's Consultancy Business Development Programme (CBDP) may help you achieve your goals more rapidly.

Thousands of individuals have already benefitted from the training, using tried and tested methodology to provide independent business owners with practical advice that works.

Because the network of skilled colleagues that IIB Accredited Associates can access is so vast, they find there are few problems that someone in the network has not met and solved before.

You may quailify for the Consultancy Business Development Programme if you are an experienced business executive or have held senior management positions or been a business owner. You should feel confident about talking to business owners about their problems and opportunities and be able to mentor and advise them following the training offered by the CBDP.


The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of Associates is enhanced through informal regional and local networking groups, training workshops and publications, and email and forum facilities for problem solving and information exchange.

If you have the right experience and commitment, the CBDP training from the IIB could really help you develop your own successful independent consultancy business in the shortest possible time.

If you agree that establishing your own independent business with the backing of such a powerful network is an attractive proposition, you can find out if you might be eligible for the Consultancy Business Programme simply by submitting your CV to the Institute.

You can use the following link to submit your CV online.

Some Graduates of the Consultancy Business Development Programme use their CBDP credits towards a UK university Masters Degree (MBA) with special emphasis on mentoring and supporting growing businesses.

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