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A&VM Business Development Ltd

Principal: Arthur van Maurik



contact details:
  A&VM Business Development Ltd
302-845 Burdett Av
British Columbia
V8W 1B3
tel: +31 577 461 007
fax: +31 511 712 012
mobile: +31 6 1237 6298
email: avmc@shaw.ca


Key Services Offered:
Creating strategies that make a difference. Since its inception more than 18 years ago, A&VM Business Development has successfully broadened its range of applications to encompass everything needed to bring your business to maximum capacity. Our services include guiding management and staff members towards new markets, improving existing operations and restructuring the company. Our goal is to streamline our client's organization, improving cooperation between management and employees, as well as finding solutions for problems in Human Resources, Sales and Account Management. We have pulled businesses out of bankruptcy, and developed profitable companies from scratch.

Core Experience of Principals:
Acoustics and Electro Acoustics Over a period of more than three decades, we have established a broad understanding of marketing and sales practices in the world of acoustics and electro-acoustics. Aviation For more than 12 years, A&VM Business Development has been involved in the world of General Aviation. Our company was co-owner of a flight school for more than seven years, and on an international scale, we developed the first Canadian flight school licensed by the Joint Aviation Authority (JAA). As part of our role we also assisted with the development of legislation for flight-training programs. General Management and Training A&VM Business Development provides cross-functional expertise in business development, combining all levels of Commercial and Product Development, Planning, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales Operations. We offer guidance in all segments of our clients' organizations, and are able to respond flexibly to all sectors of business development processes.


Qualifications & Accreditations:
Accredited Associate, Institute for Independent Business (AInstIB).

Industry Sectors worked in:
Make the Connection, regardless the Industry you are in. Successful match making ­ in internal and external settings ­ is an important part of creating a successful business. We offer results-driven business development, leading to set-ups that work in a relative short period of time, ensuring operations are cost-effective ­ and profitable ­ as soon as possible. A&VM Business Development brings new life to your business by installing turnabout leadership, localizing potential opportunities and re-motivating people. Protecting investments that would have been lost otherwise, as well as sourcing allies for our re-development are also made a priority.

We have offices in Garderen, The Netherlands and Victoria British Columbia Canada. Phone in Holland + 31 6 1237 6298 or + 31 577 461 007 Travelling we can be reached at avmc@shaw.ca

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