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Business GPS Sprl

Principal: Philippe Wery



company contact details:
  Business GPS Sprl
26 rue du Sillon
tel: +32 495 64 56 18
skype: fast-strategy
mobile: +32 495 64 56 18
email: wery.philippe@fast-strategy.com
web: www.fast-strategy.com


Key Services Offered:
Business support and development.

Core Experience of Principal:

1) MANAGEMENT & COACHING: Review and upgrade of business strategies in a few days, inclusive for very complex situations (Ps. Philippe created his own software called "THE FAST STRATEGY GPS") + Interim Management, Crisis Management, SME Revamping, Risk management (Philippe has very fast review tools), Executive scoreboards, Brainstorming with "End results", Growing strategies, Business Due diligence, Negotiations of contracts, ...

2) BANKING & FINANCE: Full internal knowledge of the banking sector (from Europe to Africa), New branch launching (Former general advisor for boards of directors), Business, Financial & Investment plans, Financing of industrial Projects, Financing of Belgian exports, Restructuring of Corporate Financials, Syndicated loans, Trade Finance, Derivatives and other financial products.

3) SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY: Development of IT automated solutions together with his partners, Functional analysis, Software Selection.

Keen on organizational Coaching ; CFO coaching ; Exceptional PowerPoint skills; Philippe was running the ECIP Program for the European Commission (an international co-financing program for joint-ventures involving EU SME's investing in Asia, Latin America, South Africa and Mediterranean countries); Philippe organised in 1996 the conditions for Belgium to re-open insurance and banking credit lines to Brazil; He negotiated several framework agreements on behalf of the Belgium Banking Community (e.g. Peru, Brazil).


Accreditations & Qualifications:
Philippe is graduated "Commercial Engineer" from a well-known university in Belgium: The Solvay Business School. He owns several masters and accreditations: Master of Management, Master in Banking techniques and Master in Export Financing. He was faculty teacher in the core consulting program of a Big Four Consultancy firm. He is now and Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business, International (their leitmotiv being "Practical advice that works!").

Industry Sectors worked in:
Big Four Consultancy Firm; Banks; Insurance companies; Software companies (very recent focus); International trading for large and small companies; EU Lobby activities; Outsourcing of services; Risk Management & Change Enablement; Worker Unions; Mutual funds; Alternative Energy Solutions (wind turbines, solar panels, photovoltaic); Hotels & Restaurants.

Spoken languages: FRENCH ­ ENGLISH - Understands & speaks also DUTCH.

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